January, 1972

Takeyoshi Naraoka founded his business.

Febrary, 1977

Backdrop is opened at Jinnan, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo importing and selling used jeans, leather coats and jackets as well as baseball and foot ball stadium jackets and other american casual clothes and goods from U.S.A.

August, 1980

Limousine International Corp. was established.

October, 1988

American Casual and Materials Store, "PROPELLER" is open at Harajyuku, Shibuya, Tokyo

April, 1992

Extend business into the Interreir goods and buidling materials business.

October, 1993

The first Gallup showroom was opened at Wakabayashi, Setagaya, Tokyo

November, 2000

Entered into exclusive agency agreement for Japan with J.W. Bolom & Co.Ltd (Current Briwax International, Inc.)

November, 2003

GALLUP Atsugi Showroom is opned at Atsuhi-Shi, Kanagawa

July, 2006

GALLUP Setagaya Showroom is opned at Wakabasyashi, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

October, 2007

GALLUP East Showroom is opned at Monzennakacho, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

March, 2008

BACKDROP moved to Miyata building 2F, Jinban, Shibuya Tokyo because of aging of the building.

December, 2012

GALLUP Nakameguro showroom is opened at Meguro-Ku, Tokyo as a renewal of Gallup Setagaya S.R.

Semtember, 2014

BACKDROP moved the shop location to 1-8-8 Jinnan, Shibuya_ku, Tokyo, 150-0041 Japan.

January, 2016

BACKDROP original brand, T.N JACK Tokyo is launched.